Residential & Business Window Tinting

Glass, a beautiful feature in our daily surroundings; adds exciting elements to home styles, creates space and brings natural light to our every day environment. But all that glass has its price - allowing in the Sun's damaging UV radiation, annoying glare, excessive heat and increasing energy costs. With Tint Proz solar control films, you can enjoy the beauty of windows and doors while protecting against and controlling these elements for life in a better light.

When deciding whether window film is right for your home, consider the following:

•    Energy Savings

Unlike other window coverings including blinds and draperies, Tint Proz window film blocks heat before it enters your home and its insulating properties diminish heat loss through the glass. Controlling these factors can translate to noticeable energy savings.

•   Comfort

Tint Proz films reflect up to 78% of the sun's heat, allowing you to more effectively control the temperature throughout your home.

•  First Impressions

Add style, distinction and value to your property by creating uniformity to the exterior appearance. Tint Proz films are available in a wide variety of shades and styles to suit any architectural requirement and can greatly improve and enhance the appearance of your home.

•  The Sun's Harmful Rays

Damaging UV radiation, excessive light and heat all contribute to fading and premature aging of fabrics, furnishings and flooring. Tint Proz film stops the damaging effects of the sun by reducing UV radiation and controlling excessive heat and light.

•    Feel Safe & Secure

Tint Proz window films help hold a broken piece of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film's adhesive system. Window film products are advocated by many nonprofit consumer safety organizations as an effective way to protect against glass related injuries.